IECEx certificate for the MLA1000

The MLA1000 conductivity meter has once more been officially certified as suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres with IECEx certification. With this international certificate according to the standards of the Electromechanical Commission, national certificates can now be issued more easily. For the German market, the MLA1000 already had the corresponding important ATEX certification.

For quality reasons, the conductivity in oil is often kept in the lowest measuring range of 5 - 2,000 pS/m (picoSiemens/meter). Continuously monitoring this important safety parameter is essential for industrial handling. Accordingly, the conductivity value of paraffin in a pipeline is precisely set and continuously maintained at this value by the MLA1000. The meter uses the flow velocity within the pipeline for a highly accurate current value of conductivity and temperature. Additives are added to prevent electrostatic charging, sparking and possible explosions. With the help of the MLA1000, these additions can be controlled extremely precisely and according to the principle "as much as necessary, as little as possible". This is safer, more environmentally friendly and, last but not least, saves costs.

For the certification of electrical equipment used in hazardous areas (Ex equipment), IECEx is the international procedure. Hazardous areas are divided into different classes and defined as areas where explosive gas or dust atmospheres may occur. The IECEx Scheme under the auspices of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) ensures the harmonisation of standards. This means that the same standards, tests and test marks for explosion-protected equipment are recognised worldwide without further ado. The assessment and test reports (ExTRs) are also mutually recognised.

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