Product range

Connected to the past, committed to the future; in choosing our products, you choose state-of-the-art measuring systems - or even those that are a step ahead. Our patented developments meet the highest requirements and are characterized by their reliability and user-friendliness.

Our devices are used in a wide range of environments and often have to meet special safety requirements. This is why we always bear the appropriate product characteristics and constraints in the application in mind during the development and design. You can therefore be sure that we will find the right answer to every measurement challenge.

Level measurement

We offer you the right technology for every application: from radar to a digital, electronic rotary paddle system. Designed for universal use, our measuring instruments include the respective properties of the bulk material as well as production-specific constraints.

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Conductivity measurement

During the transportation and transit of airborne, light or cutting oils, electrostatic charging must be avoided for safety reasons. Our devices measure the conductivity of the product in the extremely low picoSiemens/meter range – technology you can rely on.

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