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Continuous measurement of the conductivity of light mineral oils
MLA1000 – continuous measurement system of conductivity in kerosene
MLA1000 – continuous measurement system of conductivity in kerosene
MLA1000 – continuous measurement system of conductivity in kerosene

Kerosene flows through pipelines that are up to hundreds of kilometers long from the fuel depot to its point of use at the airport. The MLA1000 measuring system permits to measure the conductivity of the kerosene inline, directly and continuously.
The MLA1000 can control a dosing pump via a 4..20mA signal and thereby ensure the extremely precise injection of additives. Inline measurement is either possible directly in the pipeline or mounted as a bypass. There is a muffle for adjusting the immersion depth and for changing the probe under process conditions. In our animation you can learn more about the measuring process.



  • Controll

    The measurement system allows a complete record of the electrical conductivity of incoming and outgoing oil.

  • Measuring accuracy

    With continuous feedback of the electrical conductivity the additive can be injected economically.

  • Flow rate

    The MLA1000 conductivity meter uses the flow rate within a pipeline

  • Safety

    If the electrical conductivity falls below the critical value, the measuring system will give an immediate warning.



Petroleum products with low electrical conductivity can become electrostatically charged at high flow rates and ignite due to sparking. In kerosene and light mineral oils, the conductivity is therefore increased by additives in order to safely dissipate the electrostatic charge to the tank or pipeline wall. By continuously monitoring the conductivity of kerosene, airports, pipeline operators or refueling companies can improve the safety of fuel transports and reduce the use of additives.While Jet A-1 type kerosene is used globally as turbine fuel in commercial aviation, Jet B kerosene is used for military jets. These fuels are therefore relevant for international airlines as well as for industrial customers such as turbine manufacturers.


Download certificate of conformity:
MLA1000-A and MLA1000-S

Infographic MLA1000

Technical Data

  • Conductivity: 0 to 2000 pS/m; simultaneous temperature measurements -20°C to 60°C
  • Limit, function and status message
  • Outgoing signal: 4..20mA for electrical conductivity and for temperature
  • Display MLA1000-A: II 2(1)G Ex de [ia Ga] IIB T4 Gb
  • Probe MLA1000-S: II 1G Ex ia IIB T4 Ga
  • Easy checking of the function and display accuracy
  • Display unit can be mounted separately


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