Perpendicular for continuous measurements
MBA369 – Perpendicular for continuous measurements for all bulk goods and liquids
MBA369 – Perpendicular for continuous measurements for all bulk goods and liquids

With the MBA369 perpendicular, the level can be measured in all types of bulk materials. Only a perpendicular like this can determine the height of sediments below the surface of water or liquids by means of a sieve weight. It is also suitable for the continuous level measurement of liquids.

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  • Flexibility

    Use in extremely narrow silos; short stroke function for fast measuring cycles

  • Safety

    Intelligent rescue routines when the sensing weight is buried; no product entry into the housing by using the double roller (option)

  • User-friendliness

    No need to re-adjust when changing products


Level measurement with the help of the MBA369 is carried out by means of automated mechanical level recognition processes. A sensing weight is lowered into the container on a steel cable. If it hits the product surface, the drive motor stops automatically. The measurement of the extended cable length results in the fill level, which is displayed immediately. A "soft" motor control prevents vibrations and oscillating movements of the sensing weight. 

A sieve weight is used for measuring sediment levels in liquids. The MBA369 automatically detects this when the sensing weight is buried and starts an intelligent rescue routine, which frees the perpendicular with as little traction as possible. The dust-tight encapsulation of all electronic components, as well as the corrosion and tear-resistant stainless steel perpendicular cable make the MBA369 universally applicable.

Technical Data

  • Measuring range: up to 70 m
  • Flange, DN80 to DN100 PN10
  • ATEX approval zones 20 and 21
  • Can be used at up to 150°C

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